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Onboarding Process

While engaging in our onboarding process, you will work with four teams.

Content Acquisition Managers

The Content Acquisition Management (CAM) team is the business team working to source content and sign deals for Prime Video. They work with you on the deals Prime Video is signing to obtain content for our catalog.

Partner Operations Managers/Partner Launch Managers

When a deal is mutually agreed upon, CAM involves the operations account management team. A representative works with you to fully understand the scope of the deal, including the number of titles, the timeline for launch, and to determine whether you:

  • Will work with an established post house to deliver content to Prime Video
  • Want to work with a post house not yet onboarded to deliver content to Prime Video
  • Want to become onboarded to deliver content to Prime Video on your own behalf

Digital Video Specialists

The Digital Video Specialist (DVS) team works with you and your post house specifically to evaluate video quality. The DVS team works with you and your post house regardless of whether you are engaging with an onboarded post house, a new post house, or are onboarding yourselves. The DVS team reviews the Technical Asset Questionnaire, conducts a technical call with your technical team, requests a set of video assets to review, and approves specific delivery formats that you may deliver to Prime Video. This process is known as the Technical Asset Review.

Partner Integrations Managers

If you've identified that you want to either a) work with a post house not yet onboarded to Prime Video or b) become onboarded to deliver on your own behalf, the Partner Integrations Managers (PIM) team works with your post house to conduct a series of test deliveries to ensure we can receive content and successfully package the content together. This process is known as Delivery Onboarding. A representative from the PIM team is engaged as necessary by the operations account manager and reaches out directly to you to begin the delivery onboarding process.

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