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Ratings, languages, and genres


All titles must be submitted with a rating that is granted by a sanctioned ratings body in the region that title will be published in. For example, a title being distributed in Great Britain must have a valid BBFC rating. If a title hasn't received a rating from one of these standards bodies, it can receive an NR rating, however this will impact discoverability by preventing these titles from appearing in browse hierarchies and merchandising carousel. If the title hasn't been granted a rating, but it's expected in the future, indicate TBC.

Download icon Download Prime Video Ratings Excel workbook

BR (Brazil) territory

All content providers who have titles submitted to the BR territory must supply a ratings descriptor and applicable ratings value in MEC as outlined in the Prime Video Ratings Excel workbook. This applies to both currently availed titles and new deliveries. If the MEC ratings descriptor or ratings value is missing for BR, submissions will be blocked until the proper values are added. If a title is rated L, a descriptor isn't required. Descriptors should be placed in metadata xml files as follows:



A list of accepted language-locale codes can be downloaded below.

Download icon Download Prime Video Language-Locale codes Excel workbook


A list of genres that are available for use in each marketplace can be downloaded below. Note that genres submitted in metadata must match these lists exactly, including spaces. For example, for the US genres, Action - Disaster is valid. Action-Disaster is invalid (no spaces around the hyphen). Use this documentation to help appropriately classify content submitted to Prime Video.

Specifically in Global, the Genre Code must be specified in the @id attribute of the Genre. Three unique genres total are acceptable per title. Prime Video consolidates all genres provided for a given title and de-duplicates them to determine the total number of unique genres provided. Therefore, genres may be provided in only one LocalizedInfo section or may be included in all of the LocalizedInfo sections, so as long a maximum of three are provided. For example, if a title is categorized with av_subgenre_action_comedy and av_subgenre_action_romance, these genres could be included in any or all of the LocalizedInfo sections of the MEC. However, if the en-US section included av_subgenre_action_comedy and av_subgenre_action_romance while the fr-FR section of the same film included av_subgenre_action_historical and av_subgenre_action_epic, the MEC would fail encoding because four unique genres are provided for the title.

Download icon Download Prime Video Genres Excel workbook

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