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Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Deliver all assets prior to the timelines detailed below. Unless otherwise specified, content is published at the start of the day in the eastern-most time zone of the territory indicated (e.g., at 12:01 a.m. Eastern time in the US).

The below chart outlines a delivery schedule that must be adhered to in order to ensure your titles are published on time. SLAs are calculated based on availability date and time of the release territory. The SLAs below cover all deliverables as well as redeliveries upon validation failure, unless specific agreements have been established. SLAs listed in contractual agreements supersede those listed here.

Delivery SLAs

Content Type
Asset Packages
(+ Germany Multi-language)
Asset packages
Asset Redelivery
HD Catalog30 Days7 Days14 Days48 Hours
UHD/HDR Catalog30 Days14 Days14 Days48 Hours
HD DAB148 Hours7 Hours72 HoursImmediately
UHD/HDR DAB172 Hours72 Hours72 HoursImmediately
STAB & JAB1ImmediatelyImmediatelyImmediatelyImmediately
Pre-orders7 Days7 Days27 Days248 Hours

1 Day-after-broadcast (DAB), Same-time-as-broadcast (STAB), and Just-after-broadcast (JAB).

2 Trailer assets (when available) should be delivered seven days preceding pre-order release date.

Asset Package refers to all files required to publish a title in a given territory.

  • Movies: Video, audio, timed text, image, title metadata, and asset metadata are required. Trailers are preferred, but not required.
  • TV: Video, audio, timed text, title metadata, and asset metadata are required. Series and season-level title metadata and season images are required to be delivered with the first piece of content to be published within a season.

For more details, see the Prime Video Packaging Summary.

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