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Delivery onboarding

Delivery onboarding is only required if you are a) working with a post house who has not yet been onboarded to deliver to Prime Video or b) are wanting to be onboarded to deliver on your own behalf. Delivery onboarding is also required if you or a post house have already been onboarded, but want to deliver to a new territory (for example, delivering to our Global territory when you have only been onboarded to our Classic territories) or a new format (for example, delivering UHD/HDR content when you have only been onboarded to deliver SD/HD).

When Delivery Onboarding is complete, the PIM provides a summary via email clearly outlining what formats you have been onboarded to and cleared to deliver. Your POM contact then works with you to facilitate the delivery of launch and/or production materials.


The PIM team works diligently to complete this process as quickly as possible with you to make content available for our viewing customers. We expect that the onboarding process should take no longer than 40 calendar days and we rely on your partnership to maintain that timeline. To expedite this process, we expect that all requested redeliveries are made within 24–48 hours after feedback is received from Prime Video as we progress through the rounds of delivery for Classic onboarding and Global onboarding.

Territory overview

Prime Video currently has five (5) delivery territories—US, UK, DE, JP, and Global (all other territories). For simplification, the US, UK, DE, and JP territories are collectively referred to as "Classic" and all other territories worldwide are referred to as "Global." Because of the packaging requirements of these delivery stacks, five (5) separate deliveries are required if a title is going live in all territories (Classic and Global). If a title is only going live in a territory outside of Classic (US, UK, DE, and JP), only a single Global delivery is required. As a result of these nuances, onboarding must be completed for each territory.

When is onboarding required?

  • Delivering to Prime Video for the first time
  • Delivering to a new specification within a territory (for example: moving from file naming convention to XML, moving from XLS to Prime Video XML, etc.)
  • Delivering to a new format profile (4K UHD/HDR)
  • Delivering to a new territory
  • Utilizing a new, un-onboarded post house

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